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Who are our clients?

Mortgage Brokers

Our mortgage broking clients range from small individual operators right up to large mortgage managers. We are all aware the mortgage broking industry has had dramatic changes over the last 12 months and everyone is talking about diversifying and the need to add extra income streams into the business. We can help. Our business structure enables you to continue to be a mortgage broker, write loans and now add a property investment division to your business at 'no cost to you'. You will have a secure property portal to view the investment properties available, a BDM is assigned to you and your business and if applicable can be your personal property sales person, all research, valuations, etc are also available downloadable from the portal. If you are a mortgage broker, mortgage manager and have been looking for ways to diversify your income, add real value to your loan book our business partner b2p mentoring is another business established to accelerate your business in this new era and climate of mortgage broking. For more information on b2p mentoring contact Ryan personally.

Financial Planners

G2 Property is an approved Referral Partner for a number of financial planning Licensees and other individual planners who choose to use our investment property services knowing they are doing so in a regulated and guided way. We have passed rigorous due diligence processes to be approved and ensure your clients will be in an equitable position from day one, enabling you to diversify the portfolio sooner than later. We have very transparent fees and a very transparent fee disclosure. Property is a favoured investment vehicle for most Australians, it is understood and we are used to working within the financial planning framework. It also gives the obvious benefits of new risk business, SMSF's and a clear choice to the investor.



Our accountant clients enjoy knowing they are referring clients into high quality investment property and have all the information on hand via the web portal. As an account client your investment property salesperson who works within your referral network will spend the time to understand your client base, understand your clients and what your and the client is looking to achieve by investing into property.For accountants who are looking to service an existing SMSF client base we can assist. 


Property Investors

If you are a property investor and looking at investing in property G2 Property can help you in making an informed investment decision. It is our belief that an investment decision such as property is best made when all you circumstances are taken into account. To do that we would ask that you enlist the services of a mortgage broker, financial planner or accountant. If you have a professional advisor great. If not we can assist./contact-us